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What are the common embossing technology in embossing machine?

Update time : 2021-07-08

Source : Longgang Xinxin Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

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What are the common embossing technology in embossing machine?
Embossing machine is an important equipment for finishing the surface of printing products, paper products, plastics and leather. It is widely used for embossing the surface of packaging decoration, product advertising, book cover, color box face paper, invitation and other special products. Embossing process can increase the aesthetic feeling and decorative art effect of products, and improve the grade of products. Next, I will follow Longgang Xinxin Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. to see the common bump embossing technology in embossing machine, hoping to help you.
Plain punch: there is no print pattern in and around the bump area. The requirements of paper depend on the specific design graphics, but the paper with light color, long fiber and high toughness is more suitable for the plain punch process.
Seal inscription convex: leave blank area when printing, and then punch convex after printing. The template production needs strict alignment requirements. Since the bump will be slightly raised at the joint after the punch, the template should be slightly smaller than the plane design drawing.
Stamping convex: as the name implies, stamping convex refers to the use of the same template, stamping and punch once to complete, in the stamping of aluminum industry and art language, this process is called three-dimensional stamping. The stamping die is usually made of brass material, which can improve the precision of stamping and punch. In addition, the material must meet the physical requirements of stamping and punch.

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Texture convex: according to the texture and texture of the graphics, combined with other printing techniques, printing works such as copying fine oil paintings can be produced, so it is also called oil painting convex.
Engraving convex: the convex surface is a three-dimensional plane structure, which makes the figure float out as a whole, but the external contour shall be changed according to the picture design, and the effect of similar engraving will be presented. The bump height can be determined according to the specific needs.
Multiple convexity: laser engraving plate is adopted, with clear layer and large drop difference. Strict requirements for punch die making technology are required. In order to highlight details, * provide fine graphics or original to the template manufacturer.
Stamping convex: adopt the method of embossing and stamping plate making, and punch and gilt once. The paper toughness and the impact strength of gold foil should be considered for the bump height.
Hot bump: selecting the right material and proper heating are two elements of heat stroke convex. Firstly, outline the line of the graph and make the template. When the pressing machine is heated to the appropriate temperature, the contact surface of the die plate will slightly burn the paper, leaving traces on the paper surface and forming the artistic effect of line concave and the middle part of the micro convex.
Above is the introduction of the common punch embossing technology in the embossing machine organized by Longgang Xinxin Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. for you. Customers who have demand for the embossing machine can contact Longgang Xinxin Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. and we look forward to cooperating with you for a long time.